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Eco Friendly Pest Control Products Waco & Central, Texas
Animal Control (Initial Inspection & Setup) $199.00
Animal Exclusion/Proofing/Repair (Call for Quote)
Animal Relocation (Per Trip) $99.00
Animal Removal $99.00
Annual Service $699.00
Ants (most species) $99.00
Bed Bugs $199.00 & up
Bee Control $249.00 & up
Bimonthly Service $75.00
Carpenter Ants $250.00
Comprehensive 25 Point Inspection $199.00
Dust Attic/Walls/Doors/Etc. $149.00
Exterior General Service Treatment $99.00
Exterior & Interior General Service Treatment $129.00
Exterior Power Spray $3.00/gal
Flea Treatment Yard $3.00/gal
Fleas Inside $149.00
Fogger Resale $15.00
Interior General Service Treatment $75.00
Inspection Plate $99.00
Late Payment Fee $10.00
Monthly Flat-Rate Trapping $599.00
Monthly Service $65.00
Pharaoh Ants $125.00
Powerspray $3.00/gal
Quarterly Service $99.00
Reactivate Sub. Termite Renewal $100.00
Roach Cleanout for German Roaches $250.00
Rodent Baiting (Trapping & Damage
Repair is Extra)
Scorpion Treatment (Call for Quote)
Service Call $99.00
Termite Bait Inspection $75.00
Termite Spot Treatment $250.00
Termite Treatment $4/LFT-$6/LFT
Termite Warranty Renewal 10% of Treatment
Top Choice Distribution $7.50/lb
Trap Monitoring (10 Days) $99.00 and up
Trapping/Monitoring/Baiting (10 Days) $299.00
Wasp, Yellow Jackets, Hornets $129.00 and up
Wood Destroying Insect Inspection $75.00 and up

*Prices are based on a property with 2,000sq ft. or less. Pricing subject to change without prior notification.

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