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Pests are not making an effort to be pests, when they get into your trash, because scavenging is a regular way of life for many animals. It is usually either their means of foraging, or it is the easy way to obtain a meal. It takes less effort to tear open a trash bag, than it does to search for and ultimately kill prey. This can end up being quite a mess for you, so how can you successfully keep pests away from you trash?

Nothing to Munch Here - One of the things that you need to do initially is, reduce the volume of scraps that you dispose of, such as chicken bones and meat scraps, which can be very appealing to animals. They create a very strong, attractive odor when placed in the garbage, so another option is to place them in your freezer, and on the morning of garbage day, you add them to the trash.

What a Repellant Odor - The smell of rotting food is very appealing to scavengers, although you may think it smells quite bad. There are however some odors that actually repel animals, one of them being ammonia which is easy to use and very accessible. Animals think that the food is contaminated, when they smell ammonia, as it is the most common scent in urine.

In the wild, urinating on food that you are about to consume, is a method of competition that has existed for a very long time. Territorial animals use this method to discourage competitors, who may have intentions to take advantage of their scraps.

Put a Lid on it - Another way to keep animals out of your trash, is to ensure that you place a secure lid on your garbage. If your lid is not secure, there are some pests that can actually remove it. To reinforce it, you can use bungee cords to keep the lid on, and prevent the pests from removing it. If you find that animals are gnawing through a plastic garbage container, then you need to get a metal one instead.

Move It to a Secure Location - Moving your garbage to the garage or some other secure area, away from pests is another option. This will reveal how secure that area actually is.

Control Pests - If there is an ample supply of food, animals will build a nest or home nearby. If they find trash, they will be encouraged to move into your home, so you need to eliminate them.

Any animal pests that have moved into your home, trying to be near your garbage or pantry, can be eradicated by an animal & pest control specialist. The area of Waco to Bellmead and adjoining areas are served by us. Do not hesitate to call us today at (254) 717-6077, to see how we will be able to offer assistance.

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